Is it better to do your exercise indoor or outdoors?

Is it better to do your exercise indoor or outdoors?


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In the world of health research, exercise is one of the few things that pretty much everyone agrees on.

Regular fitness improves health of the heart , reduces your risk of cancer, keeps your bones healthy, improves mental health, etc.

But does it matter where you do your exercise? Will a gym work-out have the same health benefits as a bootcamp in a local park?

There is some interesting evidence that running on a treadmill does not give get same health benefits as running outside, and it may not give you the same happy hormone boost as running outside,

"That makes sense because you're not just running to improve your heart health and get the blood moving around the body and improve your fitness. You're also outside seeing things, smelling things and getting fresh air. All those things will have an effect."

Time in nature can boost mental health
It turns out, being in a beautiful, natural environment  can really benefit your physical health.

"There's a big evidence base on its effect on concentration and stress reduction. Those are the two big effects you'll find," Mr Wade says.

Broadly speaking, we can exert two different types of focus: hard and soft. Doing homework, checking over a spreadsheet, or crafting a pithy email all require hard focus.

Being immersed in a beautiful natural environment, on the other hand, can stimulate our soft focus. You might acknowledge the rustling of the leaves, or pay attention to the bird life.

Switching to soft focus allows your hard focus to recover: this is referred to as the restorative effect.

"If you're walking in a forested environment or just somewhere that's fascinating and beautiful, then a lot of the mechanism behind that effect on stress and mood is due to that environment taking your mind away from your own problems and whatever stress you are experiencing," Mr Wade says.

"Your focus goes to what's external to you, and that gives you a chance to recover from any attentional fatigue you might be experiencing.
"It's just relaxing your mind because you're not focusing on those thoughts."

Generally speaking, the use of indoor fitness equipment is charged. On the basis of fees, some people will hesitate to go to the gym and miss the best fitness time.
For ordinary tourists or residents, outdoor fitness equipment provides a different way of fitness than paid gym services. Not only that, outdoor fitness equipment is easy to use and does not require a personal trainer. It is an ideal choice for everyone to exercise and relax in their spare time.
Combination of aerobic and strength training

Outdoor fitness equipment combines aerobics and strength training. Studies have shown that this type of exercise is the best way to build muscle and lose weight. For women, strength training is also important because muscle training burns more calories than fat.

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