Benifit for the outdoor exercise in the fitness equiment

Benifit for the outdoor exercise in the fitness equiment


Benifit for the outdoor exercise in the fitness equiment

Diversified outdoor leisure provides residents with high-quality life and makes a huge contribution to community capital. With the increase of urbanization, the community is constantly looking for new ways to provide residents with outdoor space and activities. Outdoor sports are an ideal choice. Located next to a new or existing leisure center, an outdoor adult fitness park allows users to exercise in the open air and enjoy nature and design landscapes.

A well-designed and innovative outdoor adult fitness park can serve a variety of users while also contributing to overall community health. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) 2010 state indicator report on physical activity shows that 80% of census neighborhoods in the United States have no exercise programs within half a mile, but outdoor adult fitness parks can be placed almost anywhere; therefore Reduce barriers to movement.

No matter what category you are suitable for, outdoor exercise has proven benefits. Here are 9 more obvious benefits:

 Make sports fun
The addition of nature and fresh air helps make exercise fun and therefore more effective. Combining outdoor sports, natural light, and sensory stimulation has a "salinizing effect": reduces stress and encourages healthy behavior.

 Environmental protection
The equipment used in outdoor adult fitness parks does not require electricity, has low maintenance costs, and uses very few human resources. Most materials used in construction, including aluminum, steel and sustainable plastics, are recyclable. The minimal impact on the natural environment is attractive to developers, funders and end users, and more participants are likely to associate positive environmental contributions with greater sports fun.

 Improve relationship
People using outdoor adult fitness parks often socialize during exercise to strengthen the community and relationships. These relationships can then support increased use, as participants can communicate with each other more easily, providing encouragement, motivation, and support.

For everyone
Despite the many indoor fitness options, they can be expensive and inconvenient. Outdoor adult fitness parks can eliminate these obstacles, which is especially attractive in low-income communities. In fact, the obesity rate of residents in high poverty counties in the United States is 145% higher than that of rich counties. By increasing the number of outdoor adult fitness parks available, especially in underserved communities, positive changes in overall fitness and health can be increased.

Improve health
Regular physical exercise is essential for health and longevity. Many people report that they prefer to exercise outdoors, which may also have a greater impact on physical and mental health. Compared with the natural environment, outdoor sports are also more restorative than indoor sports because the natural environment reduces emotional and physiological stress. Unlike indoor sports, outdoor sports can provide all the physiological benefits of indoor sports (blood flow, improve cardiovascular health, increase strength, flexibility, endurance, etc.), and also provide important sunlight exposure to increase important vitamin D Level.

Attract new users to the outdoor environment
Outdoor adult fitness parks provide adults with additional opportunities to reshape and participate in physical exercise outdoors. People who exercise regularly may be attracted to these new outdoor venues and create a true fitness “destination” within the community. This may also help attract more non-users to new popular destinations.

Provide income opportunities
Trainers who want to offer fitness classes in an outdoor environment can rent space to increase their local budget, while providing an alternative environment for organized classes instead of the typical indoor gym.

Provide training opportunities
The outdoor adult fitness park is an ideal place for people with physical requirements to increase their training volume. Firefighters, police teams, and college athletes can all benefit from "real-world" environments and have the ability to train in severe weather.

Supporting community capital
Outdoor adult fitness parks promote the growth of healthy communities. These parks attract health-conscious people nearby and can often affect the behavior of non-athletes, thereby extending the benefits of regular exercise to more people.

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