How to use outdoor fitness equipment?

How to use outdoor fitness equipment?


Function and instruction for some outdoor fitness equipment

Function and instruction for some outdoor fitness equipment
As the world attaches importance to national fitness, more and more communities, parks, outdoor plazas and other places have installed various types of outdoor fitness equipment. Many people are also used to exercising with outdoor fitness equipment in the morning or evening, but do you know how to use these equipment? Which age group is suitable for use? Today, Liben Group, as a fitness equipment manufacturer, introduces several commonly used fitness equipment usage.

LE.SC.009 Double Fitness Rider

Function: The rider provides an excellent cardio-pulmonary exercise, and it helps to strengthen shoulders, back, thighs and calves.
Instructions: Sit on the seat with feet on the foot rests, and grasp handles with both hands. Pull the handles and at the same time push feet forwards.

LE.SC.017 Double Surfboard

Function: To enhance flexibility and strength of waist and to improve balance and coordination of body.
Instructions: Hold handles with both hands, step on the pedal with both feet. Then swing feet from left to right and right to left repeatedly.

LE.SC.029 Double Rowing Machine 

Function: The apparatus primarily works the cardiovascular system. It helps to strengthen the muscle groups of arms, shoulders,chest, back.
Instructions: Sit on the seat with feet on the foot rests, hold the handles with both hands, and strengthen the body by pulling handles into chest.

LE.SC.021 Double Sit-up Board

Function: To strengthen the muscles of abdomen and hip.
Instructions: Sit on the board with feet hooked underneath the bar,cross hands over the chest or position them behind the head,lean backwards and perform sit-up exercise.

LE.SC.027 Double upper limbs stretcher

Function: To perform arm stretching exercises to loosen tight muscles.
Instructions: Take hold of the handgrips with both hands, pull one handgrip down to stretch the other arm. Both arms perform arm stretching exercises alternately.

LE.SC.038 Push-up and Dip-station

Function: To work out the muscles of arms, shoulders and abdomen.
Instructions: Two sets of parallel bars allow for dip, leg raise and push-up exercises.
LE.SC.005 Double Waist twister

This apparatus is beneficial to the muscle groups of waist and back while twisting. It also helps better the agility and flexibility of your waist.
Instructions: Hold the handle with both hands while keeping your feet steadily on the rotating disc. Then, move your waist repeatedly from left to right, and right to left.
LE.SC.031 Back Massager
Function: To relax muscles of back and waist, and to improve bloodcirculation.
1. Waist: Sit on the seat against the apparatus, hold the handles with both hands, gently pull the handles up and push them down with massager rolling to massage the waist.
2. Back: Stand against the equipment, hold the handles with both hands, move the body slowly from left to right, right to left with massager rolling to massage the back.
3. Suitable for middle-aged people and the elder.

LE.SC.039 Parallel bar

Function: To build muscles of triceps and shoulder, and to improve coordination of the body. 
Instructions: This classis gym equipment can be used to a variety of strength exercises, especially push-ups and dips as well as hand walking along its length.
The above is the introduction of several common fitness equipment. This website will continuously update some small knowledge about outdoor fitness for everyone. If you are insterested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

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