Do you know the production process of outdoor fitness equipment?

Do you know the production process of outdoor fitness equipment?


8 step production process of outdoor fitness equipment

8 step production process of outdoor fitness equipment

With the vigorous development of physical fitness in the world, whether it is physical exercise for teenagers, improving physical fitness, or fitness activities for the elderly, improving the body. In this environment, outdoor fitness equipment has been vigorously developed. I believe that in our daily life, communities and parks around us are equipped with outdoor fitness equipment. For outdoor fitness equipment stroller, abdominal muscle board, upper limb traction, waist twister, Tai Chi pusher, waist massager and other fitness equipment. However, the production process and process of outdoor fitness equipment are very strange. Here we talk about the production process of outdoor fitness equipment.


1. Selection of raw materials for outdoor fitness equipment: The steel used by Liben Group is provided by well-known manufacturers. High-quality steel ensures product quality and equipment safety, and prolongs the service life of the equipment; it uses the LLDPE of Sinopec, one of the world's top 500 companies.


2. Outdoor fitness equipment production equipment: Liben Group has advanced production equipment such as: plasma cutting machine, cutting machine, cutting machine, bending machine, punch, lathe, drilling machine and other equipment to ensure the accuracy of the equipment. Each product's specifications, specifications, equipment quality and production efficiency have been greatly improved.


3. Welding of outdoor fitness equipment: The products used by the Liben Group carbon dioxide protection welding machine have a large welding area, small deformation, not easy to wrinkle, small tendency of air holes and undercuts, and good protection effect, thereby ensuring the firmness of the equipment connection.


4. Polishing of outdoor fitness equipment: Each product of Liben Group must be polished before removing rust, removing edges and welding nodules, making the surface of the equipment smooth and flat, and making the equipment beautiful and clean.


5. Outdoor fitness equipment derusting: Liben Group adopts shot blasting derusting method, which has the advantages of equipment surface and rust, wide area, better, more comprehensive equipment to remove skin and rust, and is used for plastic powder adhesion and equipment Subsequent process for color durability.


6. Outdoor fitness equipment spraying: Color treatment Liben Group adopts the baking paint treatment method, which has the advantages of strong adsorption capacity, high recovery rate, small environmental pollution, and the surface color of the product will not fade.


7. Outdoor fitness equipment assembly: The quality of equipment assembly is the key to directly affecting product quality. Liben Group has formulated “Related Provisions for Inspection of Finished Products”, which strictly inspects and accepts each equipment to effectively ensure the quality of the product.


8. Outdoor fitness equipment packaging: In order to ensure that the product is beautiful and the equipment paint surface is not damaged, the company uses cotton + pp film to double-pack each product to ensure that the equipment will not wear out during shipment and transportation.


Our company is very strict about every material and every process of outdoor equipment. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.